Bring your heavy-duty truck back to the road safely and quickly by hiring the services of Heavy Duty Towing Bolingbrook

 Heavy Duty Towing BoilingbrookHeavy Duty Towing Bolingbrook is a quick and affordable, towing business Bolingbrook, Illinois. We offer our timely professional towing service throughout Bolingbrook and in its adjoining areas. Whenever, your heavy-duty truck breaks down, you can call us. This is for the reason that we offer a 24-hour dedicated towing service on all days in a week, including Sundays and holidays.

Why does hiring our heavy duty towing service is the best option?

Our Bolingbrook towing company is a licensed and insured business that offers a range of timely towing services at the best prices. At our business, we use the latest model trucks, as well as well-maintained towing equipment. Therefore, you can rest confident in knowing that you would be back to the road quickly and safely. Furthermore, with our vast experience in the industry, we can manage any kind of towing work securely and safely.

At our Bolingbrook-based towing company, our main concern is customer safety. That is why we place a concern on quick response times and polite customer service. This allows us to alleviate our customers’ stress, which comes with unexpected situations.

We offer our heavy duty towing service for equipment and vehicles with the maximum load of 49,999 pounds. The durable and tough rotator that we use for our services comes with double winching capacity and a boom capacity of 65,000 pounds for each winch and 75 tons respectively.

Besides the crane, we have countless heavyweight tow trucks, as well. These trucks are capable of hauling most big vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, big fleet trucks, tour buses, or city buses. We use only experienced and skilled operators for our heavy-duty towing services. Each operator has vast experience and expertise in winching a range of equipment and vehicles, such as dump trucks, concrete trucks, and heavy dig equipment. All our operators are duly certified to carry out all sorts of heavy-duty tasks, such as winching, up-righting, etc. Therefore, you can rest guaranteed that your vehicles would be brought back to the roadway quickly and effectively.

Our professional towing services

As a reliable and punctual service provider, we offer professional heavy duty towing service in Bolingbrook. We have enough heavy-duty tow equipment and trucks to lift all vehicles, irrespective of their size. Whether you would like to tow your mini buses, big buses, recreational vehicles, tractor-trailers, or any other heavy construction tools, we can do the job quickly and effectively. Some of the professional and affordable towing services we offer include:

v Load transfers and shifts.

v Decking and undecking.

v End loader service

v 24-hour mobile towing repairs.

v Plug-in service.

v Recovery of vehicles due to roll-over, ice, or water.

v Fixing the heavy-duty tractor-trailer.

v Roadside support for flat tires, breakdowns, blowouts, pull-starts, jump-starts, etc.

The thing, which is more inspiring than our tow equipment and trucks, is our team of licensed, knowledgeable heavy-duty truck drivers. They are highly capable and much familiar with the concern and care, so you can rest guaranteed that your towing task is in the hands of responsible and caring professionals.

Therefore, call our Bolingbrook towing business today for all your heavy-duty towing requirements. Once we receive your services call, one of our skilled and experienced tow operators will arrive at your mentioned spot at the earliest possible time with the required heavy-duty equipment and truck.